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About the Show

Katharine, Casey and Katelyn are your three hosts. They met while working at a television news station in Kansas City, and quickly bonded over their love of books. 

When their careers took Katharine and Casey out of Kansas City, the trio knew they needed to find a way to stay in touch, and what better way than to share their love (and at times frustration) of the book world with others?

Inspired by viral internet book sensations that got way too much attention, and knockout stories that sadly got little hype, the three saw a gap in the market. There just aren't enough honest book reviewers in the world, especially speaking to women who really need to prioritize their time carefully. 

So take a break with the Busy Girls Book Club! We swear it's worth it. Your hour spent listening to us break down book recommendations weekly will save you countless hours of heartbreak over mediocre novels. Plus, we think we can help you find your next book obsession. 

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