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Loving our podcast but caught up on episodes? Each of the hosts run their own blog where they post about books they read outside of the pod. Get more details below. 


Advanced Reader Copies

Katelyn is tackling Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of upcoming books that she can get her hands on. Most of them will likely fall int the fantasy genre, because she's always looking for the next great fantasy world to escape into. If you're looking to grab something as soon as it releases, she's your girl.


Lit Fic / Nonfiction

Casey's a book snob, there's no denying it. While she can enjoy a trashy romance or two, we know her heart lies in the pretentious genre of "literature." For her book blog, she's going to read literary fiction, with a sprinkling of nonfiction, just because she's trying to expand her horizons. 


Banned Books

Katharine hates being told what to read, so it's only natural that she's drawn to books others try to eliminate. She wants to explore the books that draw ire from PTAs everywhere, and discuss why some books draw so much controversy. For her challenge, she's going to read banned books. 

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