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ARC: Grave Expectations

It's almost spooky season, so here comes a perfectly timed book.

Grave Expectations by Alice Bell is a comedic mystery set in a spooky old house in England.

I don't think I was British enough for this book.

It was a fun, cozy mystery with funny characters and enough red herrings to keep me guessing. However, some of the jokes and descriptions went over my head because they were very British.

For the most part, that didn't take away from the book.

A millennial medium haunted by the ghost of her deceased best friend and tasked with solving a death where you don't know who did it or who died... it's a lot. It's quirky and fast-paced and fun.

My one major issue was with how often the MC was drunk. Why was it necessary after the first instance to procure information? It felt like it was being used to prolong her figuring out the mystery because she couldn't think straight. Like it was just there to drag out the page count. I have no issue with a good night on the town, but by the end I was just annoyed with the MC.

I was a little irritated that not every mystery was solved in the end. The end also felt a little hurried compared to the rest of the book. However, enough was wrapped up and worked out in the cozy mystery MC's favor that I didn't overall dislike how it wrapped up.

If you're looking for a cozy mystery with lots of English humor, this is a good fall book for you.

Stars: 3/5

Busy Girls Rating: 4/5

Thanks to NetGalley and Vintage Anchor for the advanced copy.

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