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ARC: Medusa's Sisters

I had the privilege of snagging an early copy of Lauren J. A. Bear's debut novel, Medusa's Sisters.

And when I say privilege - I mean it. This book was incredible.

If you're a girl who grew up reading Percy Jackson and loved Greek myths, this is for you. Fans of Madeline Miller's Circe and Song of Achilles should be grabbing this as soon as they can.

The book tells the myth of Medusa, but from the point of view of her two sisters. It goes through their lives before they were turned into gorgons and continues through after Medusa's eventual death.

The sister dynamic is explored so beautifully and with such realistic details. The desire to love your family but also be your own person is written perfectly and pulls at your emotions.

Bear's word choice is poetic throughout the story and it reads like a Greek epic. Everything is vivid and the feelings are raw. The incorporation of actual poetry throughout is also beautiful without distracting from the story.

I also loved hearing the tale of Medusa from a new perspective. Everyone knows her as the villain, but villains aren't born that way and sometimes there is more to the story.

Having the digital ARC has been lovely, but I'm going to have to physically have this on my bookshelf at some point. It's a keeper.

Stars: 5/5

Busy Girls Rating: 4/5

Thank you to Berkley and NetGalley for the advanced copy. The book is available for sale August 8, 2023.

TW: Rape, murder, loss of a family member


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